How Fast Can You Create Your Admin Panel With Laravel Nova?

2020-10-30 | Wojciech Najman | software laravel laravel nova

For novice programmers, creating administration panels is a great opportunity to learn and gain experience. Over time, however, professionals start looking for solutions that will speed up their work and make the web application development cheaper. One of the tools that is perfect for this is Laravel Nova. How does it facilitate the programmer's daily work?

What is Laravel Nova?

Laravel Nova is an automatically generated administration panel that is an addition to the Laravel framework. It allows you to create a graphic interface without need to develop all functions from scratches. The add-on can be installed to any Laravel-based application. Vue.js and Tailwind.css were used on the front. The whole thing looks nice and transparent, and above all, it allows you to freely expand with new possibilities. 


Laravel Nova allows you to automatically generate typical CRUD functionalities like creating, editing, adding and removing resources. After initial configuration of model files to be managed from Laravel Nova, the panel is immediately ready for use. This significantly reduces time needed for  creating a web application.



How does Laravel Nova improve work?



Model management


First of all, administration panel Laravel Nova is a product that facilitates the generation of UI for model management in CRUD: create, read, update and delete records in the database. Creating an interface with all the basic functions is fast and does not require additional actions. If it is necessary to handle unusual actions on models, it is possible to program them yourself and connect to action buttons in Laravel Nova.






In the Laravel Nova panel it is possible to perform any actions on one or more records at the same time. If an operation is asynchronous, such as sending a newsletter, then support for the Laravel queue mechanism is available.


Filters and lenses


The big advantage of the Laravel Nova panel is the ability to create any custom filters for tables. Filters allow you to display only records that match your search. In the form, you can enter not only basic values, but also a checkbox, dropdown or date from the calendar.


And if filters are not enough, administration panel Laravel Nova offers lenses options, allowing you to create any table view with your own columns and sorting.



Search engine


One of the advantages of the Laravel Nova panel is an efficient search engine that is available for any resource. By default, Nova uses SQL queries for search, but it can also use Laravel Scout and the Algolia engine. In addition to the global search engine, you can also search through the search boxes above each resource's record lists and in the record details view.


Metrics and authorization


Metrics allow you to instantly display indicators such as the number of registered users, order trends or other values of interest to us on our website, store or mobile application. It is worth mentioning the issues of authentication and authorization that the panel supports out-of-the-box. It uses built-in Laravel mechanisms for this. This allows you to control who can perform actions on resources, i.e. view, create, update or delete records.

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