STATSO – Survey Creator

2021-01-04 | Robert Bojek | software statso survey creator web application

Who asks does not err, as the Polish proverb says. Whoever asks knows more and can use the obtained information to improve, develop or create new solutions. For this purpose, research companies commissioned by specific entities ask questions, the answers to which constitute valuable knowledge. That is why the STATSO project was created as a result of cooperation between the Sagiton software house and the experienced Openfileld research team.

Survey creator for research companies

Research using an online survey can be carried out among customers, employees or the community. The entire process should be carried out with a comprehensive tool that will be easy to use and will allow you to quickly obtain relevant information. That is why the software house Sagiton has created the STATSO survey creator - a tool for conducting CAPI/CAWI research for professional research companies offering surveys. STATSO was created with the idea of conducting online (CAWI) and offline (CAPI) surveys.

What functionalities does the STATSO survey creator have?

After creating an account in the service, the user can create surveys consisting of 11 different types of questions, including: single and multiple-choice questions, questions on a scale, matrix questions and many others. It is possible to add conditional questions and combine logical conditions. Thanks to this, it is possible to prepare any complex and profiled study. The STATSO survey creator allows you to conduct both CAWI (online survey) and CAPI (offline survey) surveys. The combination of both types of surveys in one tool is a unique solution on the Polish market. The implementation of CAPI field research is possible thanks to the mobile application. In order to perform an offline survey (CAPI), the company can invite interviewers to the service and assign them a certain number of surveys to be completed using the mobile application. The progress of both the entire survey and the achievement of the objectives of individual interviewers are updated on a regular basis, and you can generate a survey report in the form of a csv file at any time. Importantly, all obtained and processed data are multi-layered, which guarantees security to both parties.

STATSO survey creator – advantages

The tool allows you to conduct offline and online surveys comprehensively, thanks to which the entire process is quick and convenient. What makes the STATSO survey creator stand out include:

  • A clear panel for managing a research project,
  • Convenient and intuitive survey questionnaire creator,
  • A simple mobile application for field interviewers,
  • Assigning interviewers a certain number of questionnaires to complete,
  • Possibility to complete the survey on a tablet offline,
  • Constant control over the course of the study,
  • CAWI research module,
  • Two language versions: Polish and English.


Convenient packages and trial period

Thinking about the individual needs of users, the STASTO survey creator is available in three packages: S, M and L. They differ in the number of surveys that can be carried out within a given offer. A special valuation is also possible, tailored to the specific requirements of a given project. You can use a 30-day trial period to get to know the service. As part of the free test, the user can design his or her questionnaire and test all the functionalities of the CAWI or CAPI tool and research techniques with 200 questionnaires. More information about what the STATSO survey creator is and how it works is available at www.statso.pl.