Do Not Reinvent the Wheel – Why Should You Not Pay for Creating the Apps From Scratch?

2021-01-21 | Marcin Michalski | mobile app ready components software

The dynamic development of technology and the opportunities it offers make the interest in mobile applications constantly growing. Very often customers who are looking for a software house have an initial outline of the project and an idea about it. However, it usually takes a lot of time, resources and money to create this idea. An alternative to building applications from scratch are ready-made components. Why is it worth deciding on such a solution? 

People who know how to make a mobile app are aware of how long it takes to put it right from the start. The following weeks pass on the development, corrections, testing and upgrades. All this affects the final cost of the project. How to avoid burning the budget? One of the best solutions is an application based on ready-made modules. This will definitely speed up the work process and save 30-50%, or even 80%!! If you know how much it takes to make an app, the difference is really significant. Ready-made components allow for flexible modifications, allowing to adjust the application to the needs and requirements of the client. However, these changes will be made much faster and less expensive than creating an app from scratch.

How to make an app – why is it worth using a ready-made application components template?

1. Facilitating application development

The application template is built from universal components that will work well in most applications. Thanks to that, all you have to do is select the right components, and the service provider will adjust them to your needs. The box solution, consisting in the use of ready-made components substantially facilitates the process of creating the whole application, greatly reducing and sometimes even eliminating the customer's involvement. 

2. More efficient cooperation with your software service provider

Cooperation between you and the software house is very important on every stage of the project. For ready-made modules there is no need to go over consultations from scratch. Everything is already in place so you can see what the service provider is talking about and understand the process better. Thanks to this, communication between you and the programmer is more efficient because you talk about products which already exist. Building an application from scratch requires a lot of consultations and corrections. In case of a ready-made template, this stage will be significantly reduced in favor of using generic tactics.

3. Faster final version of the application

Building the application from ready-made components is much faster and more efficient. Starting work from scratch is a process that usually takes several or a dozen months. Ready-made pieces of software allow us to avoid such timelines and deliver a solution faster, which means quicker time to market and potential monetization.

4. Fewer errors and more efficient operation

The of-the-shelf components guarantee a better performance of the application, as the individual modules are tested on a multi-sectional basis, which makes it possible to catch and correct errors in real-time. Every software needs to be launched on the market and tested. But in the case of ready-made components, a large part of the tests has already been done, and the component, due to the fact that it has already been used in other applications, minimizes the risk of unexpected errors in production.

If you are wondering how to find a software house, look for the one that offers creating applications based on ready-made components. It is worth trusting specialists and choosing a proven solution. At Sagiton we focus on universal modules, which entirely create functional and user-friendly software. Check our semi products and https://zitrona.io e-commerce engine to take a sample of what you can have out of the box.